How to Apply

The Matanuska Outdoor Institute is not an “open enrollment”. We’re putting together a team and for very significant safety reasons we have strict Eligibility Requirements. Please review these requirements before applying.

You should also check out all the important details such as where we are located, how much it costs and more at The Details.

There are several steps to our application process:


Our program is not for everyone, do all that you can to ensure it’s a good fit for you. Start Here.

Online Application

Follow the guidelines below before starting your application. We’ll reply within 5 business days to set up an interview.


The interview is the most important step in making sure it’s a good match. All applicants will get an initial interview.

The Online Application

We strongly recommend that you read through the application before starting. There may be essay questions that you may want to compose ahead of time and have ready to paste in. You will also need to have a credit card on hand for the application fee.

Application Fee

There is a $100 application fee, payable online. Should you be offered a slot in a semester, this fee will be applied to your tuition. Should you not be offered a space on the team, your application fee will be refunded.

Should you be offered the opportunity to join but decline to do so, your application fee will not be refunded.

The Interview Process

Everyone who properly completes the online application and submits the application fee will get an interview. Usually within one to two weeks of applying. Interviews are conducted with one or two of our staff via an online video format (Zoom, Google, etc.)

After the interview, our Selection Committee may recommend a second interview as we finalize the cohort for the semester. We will inform applicants of our cohort list for the given semester and make any refunds to application fees as necessary.