Short Courses

Short Courses

3 to 5 day Outdoors Skill Courses

Learn valuable outdoors skills that you’ll use for a lifetime of adventure! How to read a map, build a fire, survive in the wilderness, climb a glacier and many other skills that you’ll learn by doing.

These courses are designed to get YOU into the outdoors. They’re short, affordable, challenging and fun. No experience is needed. Just a good attitude and desire for some adventure. We provide the equipment and transportation from Anchorage or Palmer.

Most Short Courses are for ages 13-18.

Timing of many of our Short Courses is set up so that you can book several courses, back-to-back to make an exciting 5 day experience. See the Adventure 1 and Adventure 2 Courses below.

Looking for more? Our Intro to Adventure 10-day Course includes all of our Short Courses and more!

Our goal is


We want to get you into the Outdoors. Our Courses are affordable and easy to fit into your summer schedule.

Tuition includes transportation to and from Anchorage or Palmer, all gear, food, and help with needed clothing.

These short courses will help you build your




Not your typical Summer Camp experience!