Are we right for you?

Are we right for you?

Yes. If you are a person willing to live and learn in a remote and sometimes uncomfortable environment for three weeks in the mountains of Alaska.

Yes. If you are ready to experience environmental and living situations requiring you to expand your physical and mental limits. 

Yes. If you are ready to be challenged to collaborate, share, lead and follow.    

The Matanuska Outdoor Institute strives to inspire personal growth, a deeper connection with the outdoors, and authentic experiences.  MOI commits to exceptional support and high quality individually focused learning.

We hope to create cohorts with a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels, with a drive to:

Become a Leader

Leadership can be expressed in many different ways, from community driven commitments to individual accomplishments, in business, personal, or educational platforms. Students in our program will explore their Emotional Intelligence (EQ),  individual strengths and weaknesses ,as well as group cooperation and support to become a well rounded leader. 

Build Resilience

For us, resilience is having and developing the emotional strength, mental fortitude and physical presence to face hardships and come back stronger. Sometimes referred to as “grit” and often characterized as an individual’s passionate willingness to persevere and overcome.

We understand that resilience and grit can be practiced, honed and developed. It is an aspect of character that thrives through life’s hardships.

Learn New Skills

Whether students are coming to the program from an academic background or the school of life, there is something that everyone has to learn.  Our program is centered around the student-led learning model, where each person has control over their journey.

Students will have the opportunity to learn technical outdoor skills such as navigation, backcountry travel, and swift water awareness as well as soft skills like group management, trip planning, and dynamic problem solving. No matter what your journey, our staff is there to support you and help you learn. 

Connect with Nature

We believe that nature is the ultimate teacher. It provides the perfect classroom filled with natural challenges and natural rewards. At MOI students will learn from the mountains, rivers, and glaciers that surround our campus to build a deeper connection with the outdoors. 

Like what you see so far?

Learn more about our philosophy and who we’re looking for:

Is MOI a good fit for you?

In order to get the most out of this experience, students must meet our eligibility criteria and requirements.

Some experience camping or travel in the outdoors.

Preferred that students will have camped in a primitive camp (i.e. no services or maintained campsites)

An average to above average level of fitness.

Able to hike 2-3 miles a day on uneven terrain often without trails. 6-8 hours of activity per day.

The ability to work in a group setting.

We are putting together a team of 7:1, students will eat together, learn together, and play together. While you will have time on your own, you will be with this group for the majority of your time. 

An open mind that’s ready to learn.

We are all on an educational journey, whether on a gap year, finished with college, or another path, a mind that is open to learning will always find a home at MOI.

Students must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program.

Please read our complete Eligibility Requirements.

What you will learn

Our philosophy of being capable revolves around the knowledge and skills that are gained outside.  Learn

Who we are

Professional educators, outdoor leaders and guides with a passion for building community, competence and capabilities. About Us