Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the Tuition?

$4620. See complete details at Costs

What other expenses will I have?

Your flights to and from Anchorage, AK. Accommodation in Anchorage before and after the course. Equipment (see details here). More details on what’s included in your tuition here.

Why does the semester cost $4620?

We believe you get what you pay for and we strive to be conscious of making our program accessible without compromising our quality of service.  Our cost of a summer semester packed full of adventure and learning includes many overheads that we scrutinize heavily before deciding on our cost for the semester.  

While we are a non-profit we must support our staff and our infrastructure.  The bulk of tuition goes towards ensuring fair living wages for staff and faculty, purchasing and maintaining gear and equipment, maintaining and repairing infrastructure for the school, vehicle maintenance, any associated flight time, and of course food.  We also have overhead costs that ensure we have a website, and an outstanding curriculum.  

Is this right for me?

Am I fit enough?

We don’t need you to be an athlete but you need to be capable from the beginning of the semester to be on your feet for most of the day, moving.  You need to be able to carry a 30+lb pack for a few hours a day.  It’s not easy and we all suffer under the weight of the pack so we don’t expect you to be a super backpacker.  Being able to crush it at the gym or on a road run really does help but there is nothing like actually having to carry the pack.  Be honest with yourself and us.  

If you huff your way up a hill when you are not carrying a pack this trip is too much.  

Will I get any formal certification or school credit after completing the semester?

We are in the process of seeking accreditation for our summer semester as a GAP semester.  However, at this time you will not receive any formal certifications or credits.

If I don’t get credit then how will this semester help me?

This school is experiential; our pillars are built around doing and experiencing.  What most of our students walk away with is a new and stronger sense of self confidence, a new understanding of team, community, collaboration and problem solving.  This translates into strong leadership skills by having personally experienced, outside the classroom or work environment, what challenge and teamwork look like.  These skills serve our students by allowing them to experience enhanced performance in job interviews, school interviews, collaborative work environments, outdoor recreation endeavors, test performance and many other daily endeavors.  

Students also come away with a much greater understanding of wilderness, recreation, survival, and travel.  The hard skills we learn have applications in all arenas of life but they directly translate to your ability to handle yourself and help others on any outdoor recreation journey.  

Who are you people?

Learn all About Us here.

Travel and Logistics

Do you have any recommendations on where to stay in Anchorage before and after the semester?

We’ll help you plan your travel including the timing of meeting us and the best options for accommodation in Anchorage.