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Are you looking for more than a summer camp?

MOI Courses are immersive wilderness adventures which take You into the Alaskan backcountry. Designed around learning through experience, we will help you and your new friends to backpack, ice climb, and explore your way across Alaska in pursuit of unforgettable memories and the learning which can only come from losing the trail.

After-all, sometimes the trail to success isn’t a trail at all.

Will you lose the trail with us? See if our courses are right for you this summer.

Matanuska Outdoor Institute: Where YOU choose the adventure.

Looking for fun adventure with challenge, and opportunity to grow?

Courses from 3-10 days; open for teens and young adults .

Subsidized tuition makes these opportunities possible for almost anyone.

Summer Camps are great, but at the Matanuska Outdoor Institute, we build a community where a person can develop personal resilience, leadership skills, and Alaskan outdoor competence that can apply to all of life’s challenges.

We work and live outdoors, thriving in the weather and challenges that Alaska has to offer.  In this environment we guide our students to challenge themselves, develop their resilience and experience group living, while camping, backpacking, ice climbing and exploring.

We use adventures such as hiking, ice climbing on a glacier, backcountry navigation and river crossings to not only learn skills but to develop confidence, self-reliance, teamwork and communication skills.

MOI is founded by the Alumni and Staff of MICA Guides; the premier high-adventure guiding company in Alaska since 1999. More About Us.

Courses are almost full! See the calendar below for available dates.

Our Courses

Alaska is the classroom. Adventure is your teacher. Learn

Are we right for you?

Yes. If you are a person willing to live and learn in a remote environment with some of your new best friends. Is it for you?