Intro to Adventure

Intro to Adventure

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

The 10-Day Intro to Adventure Course is an unforgettable experience that will take you outside your comfort zone and into the Alaskan wilderness. If you’re looking for more than the typical summer camp, this course is for you.

You’ll learn practical skills like building a fire and reading a map and specialized skills like rope safety and anchor building while participating in instructional sessions on taking care of yourself and communicating with others. Beyond the challenges, you will interact with Alaska’s authentic and raw environment that will truly test your limits and help you grow.

Our Short Courses

If you just have a few days, or would like a shorter experience before diving into the 10-Day Course, look at our 3-4 Day options for skills training and adventure.

In the Intro to Adventure Course you’ll have the opportunity to gain:

  • Navigation
  • Climbing, rope and anchor systems
  • River Safety
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Managing weather
  • Alpine travel
  • Fire building
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Understanding resilience
  • Communication
  • Wildlife
  • Geology and Geography of the Matanuska Valley
  • Expedition planning
  • The confidence to “figure it out”
  • The confidence to communicate honestly
  • The confidence to keep going when things are tough
  • Confidence!

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