Three Tiers of Exploration

Adventure, Challenge and Leadership

Three Tier Levels of MOI

Adventure Tier

These courses are focused on introducing students to getting outdoors while having fun and learning the fundamentals of what it takes to thrive outside.  Students learn everything from packing and gearing up for adventure to building a fire and navigating on a hike.  Students also get exposed to introductory survival skills.  Our courses are team oriented so that students can practice communication and cooperation. 

Adventure Tier Courses include Adventure 1 and Intro to the Outdoors. No experience required. Adventure Tier Courses are offered for both age groups.

Challenge Tier

As the name implies, these courses are designed to push students individually and as a team.  What do we mean by push?  Push outside the comfort zone, just a bit, so that you can experience a new level of learning and put some skills to the test.  Each course is more focused on a particular theme such as backpacking, survival, or climbing. No experience required but students should be prepared to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Challenge Tier Courses are offered for both age groups. Older teens will be expected to learn faster and push themselves a little harder. 

Challenge Tier Courses include Backpacking and Survival.

Leadership Tier

These advanced courses are geared towards teens in the older age group that are ready to put their basic and intermediate skills to the test.  This course means more days out, more days in the field, more days away from amenities and therefore more self and team reliance.  This could be an extended backpacking trip that could include ascending a particular mountain or circumnavigating a range; or an introduction to professional guiding. Pre-requisites and prior experience may be required. 

Leadership Tier courses include Outdoor Leadership and Rigging and Climbing.

Why Adventure?

On an adventure you do something different, something unusual and exciting. Adventure expands our experiences, challenges our normal routines and pushes us to respond and adapt. It challenges the way we see and interact with the world and each other.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do revolves around our three major themes, our pillars:

The strength and importance of community

The development of “self”, resiliency or grit

The beauty and effectiveness of using Alaska as the classroom

All MOI Courses are designed to be


We want you to put away your phone and experience the Alaska outdoors. You’ll learn by doing, not just sitting in a classroom.


We want these opportunities to be available for just about everyone and make this happen with subsidized tuition, help with equipment, transportation from town and more.


We believe that the best times with the best friends can happen outdoors, in real life.